Elite Investigation Group fire investigators take on your fire investigations in a timely manner to ensure an efficient and cost-effective resolution. Our certified fire investigators thoroughly analyze and accurately document the entire scene. We properly identify, collect and retain, if necessary, any evidence important to your case.   

Photo of Elite Fire Investigators inspecting a fire scene

We collaborate with various experts in their fields, such as electrical or mechanical engineers, to assist with scene examinations when needed. We specialize in every aspect of fire investigations, from fire scene reconstruction and fire pattern analysis, to the final product in the courtroom.

We are experts in the identification of fire patterns, accelerants and ignition sources and other key factors in determining the origin and cause of a fire or explosions. We prepare accurate reports and documentation necessary for positive results for our clients.

With law enforcement and fire investigation backgrounds, we approach fire scene investigations with unique and valuable expertise. We have knowledge of building materials and the effects of fire upon those materials. Elite also specializes in evidence and ignition source identification and preservation, effects of fire suppression, fire behavior and burn patterns. We can perform test burns when needed to aid your investigations. Our on-scene investigations include interviews of police, fire personnel, witnesses, and coordinating with additional investigators or experts. When our investigations are complete, you will be provided with timely documentation, which will be accurate, clear and concise, and will also be peer-reviewed. Our findings are defendable and will stand up to the most critical challenges. 

Expert Witness/Testimony

All of our expert fire investigators have been accepted and qualified as expert witnesses in the field of fire and explosion investigations in all levels of the court system and related depositions on numerous occasions, and successfully rendered testimony to assist our clients.

What We Do for You

  • Contact the insured
  • Inspect and investigate
  • Collect data
  • Conduct interviews
  • Perform test burns
  • Reconstruct fire scenes
  • Determine origin cause
  • Provide accurate and clear documentation


We're Where You Need Us


We conduct fire and general investigations throughout the state of Michigan.
Elite Investigation Group, LLC is centrally located in mid-Michigan but have investigators throughout the Great Lakes area.

Elite Investigation Group starts with a thorough survey of the scene, identify safety considerations, examine fire and smoke patterns, look for the ignition source, and evaluate other pertinent information.
Commercial fires can be caused by a wide variety of ignition sources. Additional considerations are addressed with commercial and retail fire losses, including coordination with other insurance companies and investigators.
Elite Investigation Group has experience with multimillion-dollar industrial fire losses, and we have the resources available to accurately investigate and document these large, complex scenes.
If your loss is associated with a wildfire, Elite Investigation Group has the expertise to analyze and document the scene.
Elite Investigation Group can investigate any fire loss in all makes and models of cars, trucks, watercraft and heavy equipment, including farm machinery, and can determine if the fire cause was purposeful, by defect or flaw, or accidental.
Every fire or explosion incident resulting in injuries or fatalities is carefully examined and documented to determine the facts involved in the case.