From the simplest to the most complex, Elite Investigation Group investigators have the experience and knowledge to conduct all of your investigative needs. We have the skills and resources needed to successfully investigate and document any type of fraud, including fraudulent theft or damage claims, and false or embellished medical and workers compensation claims.

We have the ability and equipment to conduct covert surveillance to assist with these investigations. We have resources that allow for quick access to various sources of information for financial and employment background investigations. We take pride in giving your matter the quickest attention possible and providing timely and accurate documentation on any investigation.

Surveillance: Having successfully conducted numerous surveillance operations during our law enforcement careers, we have the skill and experience to gather valuable information necessary to make informed decisions regarding your case.

Backgrounds: We have quick access to resources to obtain vital and accurate information for your pre-employment or financial background investigations, to include asset checks and credit reports.

Investigative Areas

These are just a few areas in which we conduct investigations:

  • Fraud
  • Surveillance
  • Neighborhood Canvass
  • Employee/Business
  • Property Theft

We do NOT investigate domestic claims.